CUASF Vision: To ensure a sustainable thriving urological research community in Canada

CUASF Mission: To foster the growth of Canadian urological research

The CUASF is a registered charity that raises and manages funds for the purpose of medical research in urology and for the encouragement towards higher urological standards and qualifications in Canada.

The CUASF is a scholarship fund that was established by the Canadian Urological Association (CUA) and its members and it has a long and successful history. Since 1973, the CUASF has awarded more than 100 Prestigious scholarships and grants and has helped foster the research careers of hundreds of young urologic investigators. Thanks to the invested volunteer efforts of past and present CUASF administrative and scientific chairs, the CUASF has grown into a vibrant granting agency that is unique to Canada.


CUASF Board of Directors


Dr. Andrew MacNeily
Vancouver, BC

Chair, Administrative Council

Dr. Christopher French
St. John's, NL


Dr. Hassan Razvi
London, ON


Dr. Wassim Kassouf
Montreal, QC

Chair, Scientific Council

Dr. Anil Kapoor
Hamilton, ON



CUASF Bylaws




The CUASF Career Development Award for Research has been placed on hold for the year 2020 in order to effectively evaluate the progress of this significant financial investment in research.